Kamani Foods Pvt. Ltd.

This is an extremely fast growing company that currently focuses on edible oil. It has got around 125 distributors & 25,000 retailers which bring to the market some of the finest quality products. Having established several brands successfully, this company is the trajectory or high growth.
Company’s CEO and MD Mr. Vinay Chawla is a man with vision. Right at the outset of establishing this company, he was determined to implement a world class ERP knowing very well that high business growth needs to be enabled by the right information technology solution.
Business One is not just an ERP but it has become a culture of discipline, culture of commitment, culture of transparency and openness in our company and I thank SAP for making it possible with its SAP Business One solution.
– Mr. Vinay Chawla, CEO and MD
We are very lucky to have Praxis as a partner. They have the required technical expertise, dedication and commitment.
– Mr. Vinay Chawla, CEO and MD
After understanding the capabilities of SAP Business One and its fitment and alignment with his business ness, he made a decision to adopt the same for this company. Not leaving anything to chance, he got involved at the nuts and bolts level when it came to planning the project. There were multiple initiatives that he was driving simultaneously along with SAP engagement. But his commitment and focus was admirable as he steered his team deftly through this program.
Praxis worked side by side with the MD and proposed to implement this project in flat two months. It was a huge challenge but the positive energy from Mr. Chawla’s leadership and enthusiasm helped the team overcome all of them and successful complete the project in time.
Be it booking of orders or managing inventories; be it production orders or shipping of finished goods to customers; be it vendor payments or customer receipts; be it P&L statement or balance sheet; all processes are being handled in SAP Business One. Needless to mention that the key MIS reporting is also extracted from here.
SAP Business One has provided a platform to Kamani Foods that enables their team to perform business transactions at high speed, with least number of mistakes in an open and transparent manner – which is what the MD envisioned at the start of the project. The company is absolutely ready handle multifolds growth in their business operations and is all set to reach new heights in its business.
Top management from Praxis was personally involved in the project execution supported by their competent team which ensured that they could deliver on the challenging target that was set-forth
– Mr. Vinay Chawla, CEO and MD

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