Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Adinath Agro is one of the leading food processing companies. Its rapid growth over last few years is nothing but the testimony of hard work, passion for quality products and excellent marketing efforts undertaken by its owners. Their vision and drive has led the company to grow from a single manufacturing unit to a large and fully automated unit delivering top quality food products.
Till few years ago, most of the processes in the company were managed manually aided with popular office automation software products. Accounting was handled in a separate software package. However this set-up was fast becoming a bottleneck which led the management team to explore options. After evaluating several ERP software applications, they finalised SAP Business One and appointed Praxis as their implementation partner.
I neither received information on time from factory nor was is it accurate. I realized that we were making significant losses due to this. SAP Business One has helped us in overcoming these challenges and saved us money.
– Mr. Rajesh Gandhi, Director
We had heard several stories about failing SAP projects, during our product selection process. Praxis team gave us the complete picture and cleared our myths, which convinced us on investing in SAP Business One. We were proven right in our decision, as Praxis team handled the engagement very professionally and delivered us the right solution, in time and within budget.
– Mr. Rajesh Gandhi, Director
Key challenges that they faced before implementing SAP were as follows:
  • Manual system of operations
  • Accounts and operations not linked
  • Inability to track inventory
  • Managing price lists
  • Lack of controls on various processes
Right from the kick off meeting to go live, owners of the company were personally driving the efforts and monitoring progress. This level of commitment made it possible for the team to complete the implementation in a short span of time within the agreed budget. At the same time the owners prioritized their needs and focused on those that were of a ‘must have’ category and ensured that users started using the system.
Adinath Agro has been using SAP Business One for several years now and has reaped several benefits. Here is a list of some of them:
  • Significant reduction in manual efforts
  • Increased accuracy in business data
  • Improved productivity
  • Batch tracking
  • Visibility into product costing
  • Ease of maintaining price lists
After implementing SAP Business One, our staff members leave office on time as against waiting late till night without still not getting required information in the pre-sap days.
– Mr. Rajesh Gandhi, Director
“Praxis team’s structured approach in project execution complimented by their flexibility in aligning their work items in line with our team’s availability amidst daily business pressure helped us implement SAP Business One, on time and within budget.”
– Mr. Nitin Gandhi, Director
It is worthwhile to note that the company’s business turnover has grown multi-folds. However, their staff strength has not grown in the same proportion. Not only is automated production facility a reason for this, but also the fact the SAP Business One has allowed the entire operations to be managed with a lean team thanks to a host of features that help Adinath Agro run their business with high level at a very high level of efficiency and productivity. In addition to this, being an old customer of SAP Business One, they have experienced the advances in technology and features that SAP has been incorporating in the solution over last several years ensuring that Adinath Agro keeps leading in the market and keeps running efficiently irrespective of the increased scale of operations.

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