Client Profile

  1. Their Brand is well known in the market for several products be it pasta, sauces, green tea or mushrooms
  2. Four manufacturing locations across Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh
  3. 26 Depots across India
  4. Locations – Pune, Nalagarh and 26 other locations across North India

Business Challenges

  1. Managing planning and production as per market forecast or demand
  2. Inventory visibility across locations
  3. Batch traceability
  4. Price list management
  5. Business Analytics report generation was a lengthy and time consuming process


  1. Core ERP solution being provided leveraging SAP Business One
  2. Analytical reporting using My report


  1. Sales, Purchase, production, inventory, accounting, quality management

Benefits to Client

  1. Interactive tool for production and dispatch planning based on historical data and current stocks
  2. Better process controls set up on business processes
  3. Better stock management
  4. Batch tracking
  5. Analytical reporting to help in better decision making
  6. Made export processes easier to manage

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